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Online skill game site Spadester using proprietary, software platform and have gaming license in Cyprus jurisdiction. It's owned by Time Control.


Spadester is a unique new web site that gives you the chance to play spades for fun or for real money. There are relatively few web sites that are exclusively devoted to spades, which makes it easy for a web site like Spadester to stand out. Even if the online scene was heavily populated with spades web sites however, Spadester’s fast and stable performance and visually impressive graphics will definitely make an impact.

Spadester also gives you the chance to go up against thousands of players from all over the world, at any time of the day or night that you wish. Spadester is currently one of the biggest names in the online spades scene, and with a community based approach that includes chat and forum features as well as player ranking, Spadester’s dominance in the online spades arena seems virtually assured.

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Payment Methods for Spadester

Deposit options:
Visa and MasterCard.
Withdrawal options:
Cheque, Wire Transfer and Visa.


Online since2007
Software» proprietary,
Jurisdiction» Cyprus

Supported Currency$  

US Players Accepted
Download SoftwareYes

Player SupportsEmail and Chat.

Owner / Operator» Time Control

Spadester Review:


  • Great graphics
  • Good software performance


  • No other games offered
  • No loyalty programs
  • Meager bonus offerings

Games and software

The game selection at Spadester is limited to the most common online variations of the game: Individual, Cutthroat and Partnership. On the one hand, this may turn off players who may want to play other types of games in between spades rounds. On the other hand however, it ensures that the web site is able to provide a thoroughly high quality spades experience. The gaming software is remarkably easy to use, and the lobby is particularly informative with listings of available tables and game viewing options provided. The lobby also gives you the chance to select tables by level, with the site’s proprietary table ranking system.

The Spadester software is actually pretty impressive, and it looks and feels like the software used in some of the best online poker rooms. The graphics are quite stunning, and we encountered no apparent bugs in the few hours we spent playing at the site. We were also pleased to find that the software downloads fairly quickly even on our less than speedy Internet connection. Of course players with faster broadband Internet will have an easier time downloading, which should get them into the action much more quickly.

Other Gambling Games

Spadester currently does not offer any other types of games.


Spadester offers a 100% bonus for all deposits, in addition to a free sign up bonus of $4.

VIP - Loyalty Clubs

Spadester currently does not offer a VIP or loyalty club.

Customer Support and safety

The customer support staff at Spadester is generally quite competent, and our test questions were answered adequately in a fairly short time. Customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via email, live chat, and a toll free number.


Spadester is generally able to provide a satisfactory gaming experience mostly on the strength of its games. With spades gaming web sites being in the minority on the Internet, it doesn’t rally take much for Spadester to stand out. We would have liked to see more varied and generous bonus offers, and possibly more games added to the lineup. To its credit however, the few games that Spadester offer are of a uniformly high quality, and if spades are all you are after, you can certainly do far worse than to check out the Spadester web site.

    Comments on Spadester

    Lisa says:
    Posted: April 26, 2011
    This is Lisa32, Spadesters is a scam, they paid a couple of times and I had to beg for it.
    Dr Spade says:
    Posted: January 2, 2011

    Spadester is currently not making payouts or responding to any e-mails. Stay clear of this scam site.

    connedbyspadester says:
    Posted: December 27, 2010

    I have a payoneer card and have never been paid, spadester is and will always be a scam. What country are they in?, not America, gambling is against the law in the United States of America. Only certain states allow gambling, not all 50. This site will take your money, but never pay you!!!!!!

    this is sick says:
    Posted: April 29, 2010

    Hello, Just a warning that we have to repeat again and again, Please stay way clear of DO NOT even download the software!!!
    1. When you win you will never see your money! If in doubt just google spadester or spadester scam and you will find posts dating back years from victems.?
    2. They sell your Email + Profile to anyone willing to pay.?
    3. When u revolt they will use the password u use for the spadester account and use this to try and get into your email and other!! Yes they have done this with me personal, i was dumb enough to use the same password for the spadester account and my email and when i started to make noise about my winnings that never got paid they actualy used my info to hack my yahoo Email and send out dozens of Emails in my name! They also hacked my blog and twitter account via my yahoo Email!
    4. when u google spadester u will find hundreds of posts made by victems! Once they get hold of your credit card details they will empty it using fake gaming companies to get their hands on your cash!
    Realy people do yourself a big favor and just never go near this scam and please warn your friends, its time we deal with this bunch once and forever, Support the cause and lets get spadester.con offline

    Chaz says:
    Posted: December 17, 2009

    I am a player on spadester and I had a little problem in the beginning. But once i contacted customer support, I got it all down now. I have payoneer card and I have been paid my first payment this week. I have received 150$ so far. It is not a scam. The site has a few server connection problems sometimes and the cpu ends up playin your hands, not to good lol. But overall I love the site and will stay there. So long Yahoo!

    Jayme (IP location: Atlanta, GA) says:
    Posted: July 21, 2009

    I am not spadester...I am a real can contact me at can also search for me on myspace with the same address...I'm just a player me man..and the payoneer card really works...i'll send u pic of me with it in my hand if you dont believe me..just post ur email address on here...u can make a fake email addy if u think im spadester tryin to fish u out lol..i dont care, I just want to prove im a real person, not spadester. They do pay out.

    vicitim says:
    Posted: July 18, 2009

    The "Jayme" post is a fake posting by spadester itself. Please do internet searching for "spadester" and "scam", and you'll see the real story. Spadester has recently started making fake posts to counter-act the bad publicity, but the badness is all too true. You won't be paid.

    Jayme (IP location: Lexington, MA) says:
    Posted: July 18, 2009

    spadester is not a scam..and it doesn't require ID to get a payoneer card.. I have a payoneer card and I get paid out whenever I want to.? I've been paid over $1200 in fact...

    vicitim says:
    Posted: July 18, 2009

    Besides taking your deposits and not making payouts, they also try to steal your identity. If you already gave them deposits, that is too bad. But don't be fooled into sending them ID. They won't pay you, even after you send ID. Don't get a Payoneer card either, since Payoneer requires ID and they send that info directly to spadester.

    stefaan says:
    Posted: June 28, 2009

    hello, spadester is one big scam i tried to cash out but after 2 months still $0 , they are now saying they close my account and i lose my money $250+ , dont join spades its a scam

    Ged says:
    Posted: June 21, 2009

    The free game is fun to play and always has players so you don't have to wait long to get a game any time. However, the paid version of the site is a scam. They accept deposits but don't payout. Apparently they used to pay up until around the middle of last year but no-one has received payment since. There appears to be a lawsuit coming up against them which could see the site shut down. Check out: