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Originally known as Oddson, Vegas technology started out as a company that develops software for electronic payment system in 1998. However, it eventually expanded its horizons because of the demands of their clients. Currently, aside from electronic payment system, Vegas Technology is also one of the leading software developers for online casinos. Because of their close contact with different casinos they have more than enough knowledge in developing their software that would cater to almost every client need.   What makes Vegas Technology one of the most preferred software development company for online casinos is their reporting system. Vegas Technology has developed a web based interface that would give prompt reporting regarding their online ventures. This information could be accessed anytime (24-7) and in any part of the globe.   Every casino supported by Vegas Technology enjoys full customization of their software. The softwares used in their online games are customized according to the casino‚Äôs official colors. In house programmers of the casinos could mix and match the colors and interface to achieve customization. With their updated host, there is no downtime in the server. Even if the player is disconnected from the game, he/she will be immediately reconnected through a different server.   Because of the wide array of services, they were able to get recognition of their work. In 2005, Vegas Technology was awarded as the best new software by Gambling Online Magazine.

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