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Established in 1999, Playtech is one of the world’s leaders in online gaming development. Although it came relatively later compared to other online casino software development companies, Playtech’s subsequent rise to the business of online gaming is second to none. Today, Playtech is already a publicly traded company with promising earnings.

Playtech is composed of young and hip individuals who regularly think outside the box. Playtech has also selected some of the industry’s best developers so that they could offer the latest software in online gaming. They maybe young but they bring to their clients some of the most innovative ideas that guarantees to work well in their website while maintaining the entertainment atmosphere of online casino websites.

To guide these developers, Playtech is also supported by experienced business leaders. These leaders believe in innovation and although they don’t know anything about technology, they are knowledgeable about the business of online gaming and casino. Their invaluable output in software development and strategy in marketing makes them very important members of the company.

Combining innovation and smart business sense, Playtech quickly rose to become one of the leaders in their industry. As a publicly traded company, they remain one of the strongest forces in online gaming development.

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