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Parlay Entertainment is one of the leading software development companies dedicated in building software for online bingo websites. For years, they have developed some of the world’s modern online bingo websites making them one of the most respective teams in online bingo development. As of this writing, Parlay Entertainment maintains more than 100 bingo websites which is a very impressive feat for a small software development company. The company believes in leadership more than anything else. With leadership, people could work together towards the common goal. People under great leadership will also learn a thing or two from their leaders, slowly developing to be one of the leaders of the company themselves. Aside from being a great leader, the company also banks on family values for employee support. When everyone works as a family, there is a strong bond between employees prompting to care for each other. They will take care of their fellow employees while at the same time care for the company. Ultimately, the company moves forward in helping their clients. Parlay Entertainment offers support to their clients 24 hours a day wherein each team is composed of great leaders who are also experienced in the business of online gaming.

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Parlay Entertainment Inc.
2305 Wyecroft Road,
Second Floor Oakville,
Ontario L6L 6R2

phone: 905-337-8524
fax: 905-337-2395
UK: +44 (0) 7799-305571

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