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OGS stands for Online Gaming Systems. The company has been the leader in developing and marketing online products for online casinos. Among the products they are currently marketing is ICE which stands for Internet Casino Extension and FIRE also known as the Fully Integrated and Regulated Environment. These products were developed specifically for casinos who needs better security and configuration. These programs could easily be integrated in different online casinos thereby expanding its ability to cater to different players coming from different countries. FIRE ensures the company’s ability to monitor the websites performance and better profiling of different web users and players.

Aside from ICE and FIRE, the company is also the developer of WebSports. This program was specifically created by OGS Fire for companies who are planning to offer sports betting online. With this service, website owners will have an efficient wager system for sports betting.

When OGS works with their client, they don’t just offer brand new concepts. The company understands that each online casino company already has a vision for their website. Instead of changing their vision, OGS works with their client, enabling change within the parameters of the program. Their gaming environment is already their ideal vision and OGS helps them achieve that vision and enhance it.

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