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Globo Tech is a software development company arm of the Globo Company. This software development arm was established in Russia in 2001 offering a wide variety of online and software solutions worldwide. Among the services offered by Globo Tech is the software development for online casinos. That includes development of regular casino games and efficiently installed in different online casinos. Because of their connection to other departments in the general Globo Company, they have more than enough resources to build online games on time and efficiently.

The company banks on the fact that compared to other gaming development companies, they are very competitive when it comes to pricing. However, they don’t just throw away the quality of the game because they offer something in a lower price. In fact, they are one of the most experienced developers since they were with Globo even before Globo Tech was established in 2001. The company currently supports different websites but among their notable clients are BossMedia and Microgaming. Among the things that Globo Tech provides to their customers is the efficient server support. The server supports up to 10,000 users and up to 500 online gamers at the same time. They also protect these servers through different types of protection protocols that will prevent hacks and attacks.

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Russia Federashan, Moscow, Sheremet'evskaya st. 85 E-mail: JSC Co "Internet Media Group":, Phone: +7 (495) 956-0700 Globo Technologies:, Phone: +7 (495) 940-6197

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