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Gamesys started out as a small group of developers founded by Noel Hayden in 2001. Right from the start, the small company has aimed to create online business software that will give players fair advantage of winning while promising earnings to their clients. As a start, they have developed instant games for the community to enjoy and win instantly. After the successful run of small online games such bingo and other fast online games, Gamesys opted to develop more games with the same theme.

One of the most popular websites developed by Gamesys is Jackpot Joy. This UK based website has more than a million and a half members and the game payouts could easily reach 70 million points monthly. This website eventually became one of the preferred online gambling sites.

From a team of seven developers, the number increased to 120. In a small business world, this number of employees is already above average. From their first earnings in 2002, they have slowly developed to be one of the known websites that own and develop their own games.

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