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DQE is the leading developer of unique 3D based games. Instead of going for simple technology that often goes with the traditional concept, DQE opted to go for 3D. This technology has placed them in one of top fields in gaming development.

Aside from developing games on 3D, DQE is a one stop shop for any businesses who are interested in launching different types of games for their company. From server, game support and even website solutions, DQE will take care of everything in behalf of the customer. They will also market the games in behalf of their clients and they also have partners who will help in marketing the games in behalf of the clients. With an efficient reporting tool, clients of DQE will earn based on royalty and commissions without even lifting a single finger.

In the effort to expand their operations, DQE recently acquired TDIG Förvalting AB. Along with the company’s name; DQE also purchased the company’s platform which is known to be one of the best assets of the company. With this acquisition, DQE now offers online solutions for poker and blackjack. With the experience of DQE and expertise of TDIG, the partnership aims to upgrade the gaming experience world wide.

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DQE AB 3D Internet Games website: www.dqeab.se