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Established in 1995, Cryptologic is one of the most experienced developers of online softwares for internet gaming. Because of their experience, they have practically proved the viability of online gaming to different casinos. Although they do not license the software themselves, the softwares and online programs that they have developed is well represented by their subsidiary, Wagerlogic. Through the years, Wagerlogic is known for its extensive clientele which is not only known in the world of casino but in other facets of business entertainment as well. Wagerlogic has slowly climbed in the ladder to be one of the best gaming developers in the world. Currently, Wagerlogic offers more than 200 games online which practically caters to most types of games imagined by players. They also offer support to the players and clients as together with Cryptologic, they offer 24-7 services from the actual game to different type of cash management. Because of the company’s experience, they have developed a great platform offering different types of fund transfers and rendering the game in different languages. Since its inception, Cryptologic has already processed more than US$54 Billion in transaction for more than 2.5 million players. As most of their games are exclusive and unique, they have cornered a particular market which made them successful.

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CryptoLogic Inc.
55 St. Clair Avenue West 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario Canada
M4V 2Y7

Tel: (416) 545-1455
Fax: (416) 545-1454

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