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Online skill game site SkillGround using proprietary, software platform. It's owned by Groove Media Inc.


SkillGround bills itself as an online game arena that offers players a decent selection of video games that can be played for free. Players have the option to play for simply for fun or for real money, and the web site offers a totally safe and secure playing environment for doing so. SkillGround is ideally suited for players of all skill levels, and the site features a skill ranking system that makes sure you compete against players at the same skill level. The games at SkillGround are remarkably easy to play, and all that is required is a PC with a fast Internet connection play. SkillGround strives to give new players a warm welcome with the free games offered for as long as you want, although you can easily shift to the play for money games instantly at any point you wish. Plans are currently underway to add even more games to the SkillGround lineup.

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SkillGround Review:


  • Good game variety
  • Exciting gameplay


  • Games have to be downloaded separately
  • Uses up a lot of memory
  • Few players online

Games and software

SkillGround strikes a perfect balance as far as game variety goes with fairly simplistic Flash games and more action intensive competitive games. There are also a few gambling that round up the selection, all of which can get you some fairly impressive cash prizes. Playing at the web site is as simple as logging on and registering a user account, although you will have to download the games separately in order to play. One thing that we didn’t appreciate was the advertisement that we had to watch in order to gain access to the free games, although in retrospect, it wasn’t really any more bothersome than having to watch the typical loading screen that most online gaming sites have.

Most of the games in the SkillGround have been developed for use with even modestly powered PCs, and the developers have designed them in such a way that the most important components are downloaded first. This will allow you to get the important parts quickly and you can then download the individual games and added features afterwards. Unfortunately it can take as long as thirty minutes to download a full game, although you can begin playing with the basic download in as little as ten minutes and have the rest of the game download in the background while you are blasting away at the baddies.

Other Gambling Games

The SkillGround lineup is actually comprised of six games, including WarPath, which is a first-person shooter set in the future, Close Quarters Conflict, which is a first-person shooter with a military theme, L.A. Street Racer, which is a racing game set in the streets of Los Angeles, Kung Fu: Deadly Arts, which is a classic side-scrolling fighting game, UTour Golf, which is a golfing game, and TOCA Race Driver, which is yet another racing game.


SkillGround offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $30, which can get you started on the games even with a fairly modest bankroll.

VIP - Loyalty Clubs

SkillGround currently does not offer a VIP Club or loyalty program, although they do have a referral program that will get you a bonus for every person you refer to the site.

Customer Support and safety

Security is one thing that SkillGround takes very seriously, and they have taken steps to ensure that incidences of fraud, cheating, and identity theft are virtually non-existent. Data encryption systems and secure servers are used throughout, and all details about each player’s games are stored for easy scrutiny. SkillGround customer support is available via email or a live chat feature.


SkillGround basically offers a good balance of different types of games without restricting you to casino type offerings. We particularly enjoyed the feature that allows you to face up to players of similar skill levels, and it was also enjoyable to make wagers based on playing performance. And with the games offering the chance to win some real money, even if you pay for free, SkillGround offers a fairly unique and enjoyable online gaming experience that is worth checking out again and again.

    Comments on SkillGround

    mitch says:
    Posted: April 21, 2010

    Yes Groove media inc. is a fraudulent enterprise.?? I think they may have had good intentions or not.?? But a good majority of there customers have been left hanging with none of their money returned. The site is no longer running.....It is truly a joke, and the joke is on the customers..............It is sad............glad they only got $65. of mine......

    Mike says:
    Posted: November 11, 2009

    This was a fine site especially for the UTour Golf. The site seems to be shut down and noone is able to recoup any of the monies deposited with them that for the use of online gaming. how do I get a response? Their customer service option do not respond to emails and may as well be non-existent. please help!