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Blacklisted site for Unethical Practices!

We recommend to stay away from Silver Sands Casino!

Online casino site Silver Sands Casino using Real Time Gaming, software platform.

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Software» Real Time Gaming,

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Comments on Silver Sands Casino

Debz says:
Posted: June 16, 2010

I have won big at both silversands and Piggs Peak, and i have lost at both, thats why it's called gambling after all. But by and large, I enjoy online casinos for the freedom to gamble when you want to, in the comfort of your own home. And, funnily enough, my money lasts longer, too.

Amelia says:
Posted: July 18, 2009

hi. i have played at silversands for a long time, and it is true, i do lose, but when i win, i win big. i have won 2 jackpots and a couple of royal flushes. when u gamble, it is just that, gambling, so dont whine when u lose, rather just dont gamble and put your money in the bank!!

willy says:
Posted: May 8, 2009

its magic? how they go off line when you start to win, try to complain and you get rude females at their support centre, how ever I have found that all the on line casinos, including Piggs Peak, do not pay, if they pay your win is pittance, I have often asked them why, but the same old story sorry you are just not lucky, I often ask myself why is it when I play at? Grand West Casino, I spend a lot less and win far more often, how do these online Casinos, justify their small pay outs when their over heads are no wear nearly as big as a proper Casino, they cant justify this, my advise is to not be drawn in with all their promises, how do we know if the names of the so called winners are real?