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Online Lottery site Scratch2Cash using NeoGames, software platform and have gaming license in Malta jurisdiction. It's owned by NG International Ltd.

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Online since2005
Software» NeoGames,
Jurisdiction» Malta

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Browser SoftwareYes

Player SupportsEmail, Toll-Free Phone, Chat and Fax.

Owner / Operator» NG International Ltd
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Comments on Scratch2Cash

Richard D. says:
Posted: May 1, 2011

Well contrary to my last comment. I was lucky. I m now unlucky having lost ?500 and prior to that a cash out refused. Either Scratch 2cash are squeezing the chance or i m just unlucky. Don t gamble wtih money you can t afford to loose. Its back to the lottery for me which I ve said goodbye to over ?4000 in the last 15 years. And thats on average at ?5 a week. Thats the way it goes.

Richard D. says:
Posted: January 5, 2011

Well my experience at scratch2cash is really good . I don t play anywhere else these days . I won ?5000 once then blew it a few weeks later , my fault because i had too much of the old wine ! I try not to play intoxicated these days . I have a few wins a few losses . That goes with the territory when you gamble . At the moment I m ahead. I just love some of their games . Their customer service as far as I m concerned is the best .

jojo says:
Posted: October 24, 2010

this is definitely a SCAM. I played for 2 years , I lost in total 7000?. They say that 1 in 3 wins but actually, I proved them that on times not even 1 in 10 wins.

joanne says:
Posted: August 29, 2009

i agree.dont play at scratch2cash.i have played here for a while and am not any more.while it is a gamble the odds are poor.may i add the only time i won anything is when i first got the bonus ?5 i then went on to win ?200!!!! on this fiver....however cannot withdraw and when you can it is near on impossible with the odds.anyway since deposited on many many occasions after the free ?5 i have never won anything more than ?10..and deposited hundreds...i shal not play here any more but i will look elsewhere for another site.its weird that i won ?200 on the free ?5 but nothing on subsequently hundreds of pounds of deposits? strange? i will leave it with you.

Andy says:
Posted: May 23, 2009

My personal experience of scratch2cash has been quite poor.
Whilst the deposit bonuses appear quite impressive (the most i got was 150%) if you read between the lines,unless you get incredibly lucky,adding said bonuses to your deposit immediately puts you in a lose lose situation.
To 'cash out' you have to play 20x the bonus they give you and hopefully try to break even within that play out period (an incredibly difficult task in itself).The worse thing about it is that there's no apparant way of saying ''no,i don't want these bonuses''.
To make matters worse,if you make a standard deposit you're again thrown into a lose lose situation because to cash out 5x that deposit has to be played.And it gets even worse because the 5x applies to all deposits made so in effect you can deposit ?40,lose everything and then deposit a further ?40.To cash your winnings you have to ensure you've played 5x BOTH deposits,even though you lost everything on the initial ?40.
The other misleading thing is the frequency of 'wins'.I read somewhere on a website that on average every 5th scratchcard generated a 'winner'.To put things in a broader perspective we monitored 200 plays (a single bonus-free deposit of ?200) and generated our own figure based on a win that is greater than your stake and it brought interesting results.
200 plays generated 58 wins: 34 were of the stake (?1.00); 15 were double the stake (?2.00); 6 made ?4; 2 made ?5; and 1 made ?10
So on these figures the actual play/win ratio is quite good (appx 1 in 4) but the win more than your stake ratio is not so impressive.But more disturbingly,to be able to 'cash out' we'd have to play another 800 times!
When you consider our initial stake of ?200 is now only ?108,it's quite easy to work out how difficult it is to win things.Unless of course you do fall incredibly lucky!
This is why it simply cannot be recommended that anyone plays at scratch2cash because ''fulfilling your dreams'' will never in a million years happen.
There are plenty of other casinos who offer scratchcards,loyalty bonuses and 'cash out when you like' incentives so anyone with an ounce of sense should go there instead.