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Online backgammon site Play65 using proprietary, software platform and have gaming license in Alderney jurisdiction.


We have to say that we weren’t really that thrilled with Play65 when we first logged on to the site. The user interface was a bit on the sparse and simple side, and we felt it a bit lacking somehow. After getting started with the games and digging a bit deeper into the site’s features however, we found a surprising amount of power under the hood–certainly more than we bargained for.

While the user interface wasn’t initially much to write home about, we though that the graphics were certainly impressive early on. With a gloss and polish that is characteristic of many of the more established casino websites in the business, Play65 certainly had a lot to offer in the looks department. Definitely classy with a subtle elegance that so many other websites would do well to emulate, the graphics–and the sound as it turns out–hinted at something better to come from Play65.

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EnglishArabicDanishDutchFinnishFrenchGermanGreekHebrewItalianJapaneseNorwegianRussianSpanishSwedishTurkishSimplified Chinese

Payment Methods for Play65

Deposit options:
PayPal, Neteller and moneybookers.
Withdrawal options:
Cheque, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Neteller and moneybookers.


Software» proprietary,
Jurisdiction» Alderney

Supported Currency$  

Download SoftwareYes
Browser SoftwareYes

Player SupportsEmail.

Play65 Review:


  • Simple software with user-friendly software
  • Excellent sound and graphics
  • Lots of players to compete with
  • Offers a free play section


  • Software tends to be somewhat buggy
  • More common software features are omitted

Games and software

One thing that makes Play65 unique from all the other players in the online casino game is that each game has a predetermined time limit. Although this was a bit of a concern for us at the start, we later realized that this allows the games to keep an exciting pace without things getting too boring. You do have the option to choose from 45-second and 25-second game intervals, which does allow a bit more flexibility in the length of time that you are able to play.

Now back to the simplicity of the software. This actually allows players to download the software fairly quickly, and you will likely be surprised to find that downloading takes only a few minutes, in spite of the stunning graphics on offer. Barring the somewhat rudimentary interface, we certainly didn’t find that much more difference between other casino software that tales a long time to download, at least not from a feature set point of view.

Other Gambling Games

No other types of games are offered at Play65.


Again the $2 bonus offer of Play65 isn’t the most impressive we’ve seen, although it is given with no deposit requirements attached. Furthermore, this bonus is available to anyone simply by sending in a valid email address.

VIP - Loyalty Clubs

A decent selection of loyalty bonuses is offered in every Play65 game, all of which can be used in other site offerings.

Customer Support and safety

One thing we can definitely say about Play65 is that players are well taken cared of. Customer support is impeccable, as are the security measures that are implemented all over the site. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day through e-mail.


Seemingly basic at first but definitely hiding a lot of impressive features under the hood, Play65 provides quite a satisfying backgammon experience. You will certainly appreciate the ease of use by which you can navigate through the site’s various features, and you will enjoy the polished graphics during the course of the game. There are a few software bugs here and there, but once these are ironed out, Play65 promises to be a heavyweight contender.

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