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In this list you can find online gambling sites which support as payment option: logo

Yandex is Russia’s number one search engine. Although it faces giant competition with Google and other search engines, Yandex has become a powerful search engine because of its ability to read Russian inflections making it easier for Russian speaking internet users.

Yandex also offers financial transactions in ( this program was launched in 2002, users still need to download a program so they can use the funds securely. However, the program was eventually revamped making it even easier for users to pay and receive money online. Using their Yandex log-in credentials, they can easily purchase goods and services online. Yandex could also transfer funds to other Yandex users making it am efficient money transfer service not only in Russia but to the whole world as well. You can practically transact business with others online. Withdrawing of funds is even easier because of this web-based interface.

Yandex has also partnered with PayCash with extended their services exponentially. With you can pay virtually everything especially when you are in Russia. From phone, electricity and other utility bills, Yandex should be able to process this transaction efficiently and safely. website: