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Ukash is a start-up company that has made a buzz in the world of online payment because of its unique scheme. Ukash offers an alternative which practically corners a specific niche in the market. This international company promises that the person will remain anonymous throughout the transaction process. No personal information will be requested even age will never be asked from the person. Transactions will solely be on vouchers issued to every user who has signed up for the program.

What’s unique about Ukash is that it caters to specific clients. There are clients who don’t want to share their credit card information or some who doesn’t even have a single credit card. With Ukash, they can transact business at any establishment that accepts Ukash vouchers or online where they can spend Ukash for anonymous transaction.

As of this writing, Ukash is available in different countries in Europe. They are on the process of expanding to different countries particularly in North America and Asia. Ukash is owned by Smart Voucher LTD., one of the leading financial service companies in Europe.

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