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POLi is one of the most efficient online payment processes in Australia. Because of its unique nature it has practically cornered a certain niche of the online market because of its ability to process online payments in a unique manner. Those who have accounts in POLi should be able to purchase goods and services online without using their credit cards. POLi gives their users a chance to transfer their funds in the bank directly to online store. No need to wait for the funds to clear since it is processed really fast. POLi becomes the middle person in the financial transaction from the user to the online store.

There are so many benefits in this type of transaction. Among them is the elimination of the credit card. Since users will just transfer their bank accounts to POLi accredited online stores, they don’t have to worry about outstanding fees such as additional fees and rates. POLi offers their transactions in a minimal fee and lower compared to traditional credit cards. This is also considered as a cash transaction and with it, discounts.

POLi website: www.centricom.com