PINdebit payment method

In this list you can find online gambling sites which support PINdebit as payment option:
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PINdebit is a fast rising online payment system that offers both the convenience of the online transaction and offline money management. Users of PINdebit can sign up for their services for free and will automatically receive an ATM card. These cards could be used in more than 800,000 ATM worldwide. Although some transaction of in PINdebit has a fee, the issuance of ATM card is absolutely free. Those that receive funding to the PINdebit could easily remit their money in different ATMs worldwide.

Transfer of funds between two PINdebit cards and accounts is also possible. There are also users of PINdebit can also transfer their PINdebit money to their local banks. The fees are kept to a minimal to ensure speed of operation and money transfer.

Loading your PINdebit account is also very easy. PINdebit has the ability to connect directly to a local bank and automatically debit their accounts so that they can use PINdebit for different types of transactions. Because of its convenience in online transaction and access to different ATMs, PINdebit is offered in different gaming websites. The earnings are again loaded to the same PINdebit account that was used.

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