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Since it’s beginning in 1999, Neteller has proven itself to be a highly efficient online money transfer service worldwide. Its services include money transfer, deposit and remittance. These services are available online for users worldwide. More and more online companies offer to give out their incentives to their users and customers using the Neteller account.

Just like most of the online remittance and money transfer companies, Neteller offers its service as an e-wallet. That means users worldwide should be able to use their Neteller account and pay with the same account for different types of services and products. Neteller has efficiently harnessed the power of the internet and its technology to offer the latest in financial transactions. Security, speed and efficiently are factors that made Neteller very efficient in different types of transactions. With its online interface, users will be able to see real time information regarding the money they have requested or sent.

Neteller’s customers are not only based in US but it has virtually extended to more than 160 countries worldwide. It is secure and is growing really fast.

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