International Money Order payment method

In this list you can find online gambling sites which support International Money Order as payment option:
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Even before the internet made money transfer faster, people used to rely on snail mail to send money to their friends, relatives and business partners. One of the most efficient money transfer during that time and even until today is to use International Money Order.

More than 30 countries use International Money Order. Although they come in different names, they still work the same. The only difference is usually on the denomination and the currency. In US, the smallest amount of International Money Order is US$3.85 and the biggest amount is US$700.00. Other countries have different denominations and different rates. In a normal transaction, you have to “buy” a note and write the money you intend to send. The money is given to the postal office and the note is sent to the intended receiver. Once they receive the note, they could cash it in the postal office in their own place. The money is secured since the note specifies a name that can receive the money and complete the transaction.

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