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Neteller is a very popular online payment system especially in online gaming. The main product of the company, instaCASH, is often used by different users all over the world to transfer funds to online casinos and play with their heart’s content. With Instacash, they can easily transfer and retrieve funds from their bank and their preferred casino.

The popularity of Neteller’s instaCA$H is growing that almost any online casinos accept Instacash as a form of payment and issuing of credits to their players. US and Canadian players can easily transfer funds to Neteller Instacash and transfer those funds back to their bank accounts if they earn or win anything. Expect to pay a fee every time you move a fund. The funds are just minimal and would not hinder any player to enjoy a game or two.

The best feature of Instacash is its ability to accept cheques and update your account almost instantly. Usually you’ll have to wait 2-4 business days just to clear the cheque but with Instacash the funds are almost available as soon as they are deposited. Accessing the account is very simple as users only need to enter the last four digits of their account number to trigger a transaction. There are however deposit limits and some restrictions.

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