Fonelinx payment method

In this list you can find online gambling sites which support Fonelinx as payment option:
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Fonelinx is a US based company that sells pre-paid cards for international and domestic long distance. Their customers could purchase credits online using their Visa credit card or their eCheck which is a rare in prepaid companies. Customers of Fonelinx receive a card with the detail of the PIN (Personal Identification Number) so that they could access the long distance feature of Fonelinx.

Users of Fonelinx will enjoy secure transaction since they will have their own PIN in calling long distance. Instead of a regular phone installed with international feature, a PIN will give the users a secure transaction online. Fonelink has four denominations in their pre-paid cards: $100, $150, $200 and $300. The higher the denominations, the better savings the users could avail. Support is also guaranteed since they provide their customers 24/7 support for their customers and future clients as well.

A very unique feature of Fonelinx is that it could be used as a form of payment for online games. There are websites that partner with different online gaming websites so that instead of a bank transaction, they could use their Fonelinx card as a form of payment. All they need to do is to enter the PIN and they will be given access to the online games.

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