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Firepay is an online company that offers free use of their services in transferring money from one user to another. Signing up for the account is also easy and they can start immediately once the account has been successfully set up. Firepay is a UK based company and users from the same country could easily use their existing bank account and transfer funds to Firepay. In almost no time at all, they could immediately use Firepay to transfer funds to other users. Firepay has also teamed up with popular online stores so that Firepay could be accepted as a form of payment.

The best part of this service in Firepay is that purchases and sending money to fellow Firepay users is absolutely free. There is also no limit how much you can send, receive or spend in a single transaction. Users will only incur a fee when they actually transfer money from their bank accounts to their existing Firepay account.

The company also features 24/7 customer-support to ensure that their users will get immediate help.

Unfortunately, Firepay folded for unspecified reasons. As of December 10 2007, the company no longer accepts fund transfer or use Firepay as a form of payment. Users have until May 8, 2008 to ask for the refund of the money in their existing Firepay account.

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