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Although relatively new to the world of online money transfers, Ecocard has become one of the trusted alternatives for online gaming. New users of Eco could easily create and account and right there, they can easily transfer funds from and to Ecocard.

Signing up is really easy and fast. Aside from that Ecocard has made it a point to offer security at the same time maintaining the need of convenience for users. Because online transactions are growing in an exponential level, Ecocard provides a safe yet easy alternative for online shoppers and other online transactions. Users of Ecocard could easily transfer funds to another Ecocard user instantly. Transferring money from Eco card to a bank account is also relatively easy.

Currently, Ecocard is available in 25 countries wherein they can freely accept, transfer and send funds from Ecocard to their own credit cards or bank accounts. Customers who use Ecocard could use this as their form of payment and expect the transfer of funds in minutes.

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