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One of the most popular online payment systems today is Clickandbuy. Compared to other start-up online payment systems, Clickandbuy can be used in very popular websites all over the world. With one easy set-up, users will be able to access more than 7,000 stores and services including online gambling.

Clickandbuy is now available in 26 countries and each transaction could be converted into different currencies. Currently Clickandbuy accepts 21 currencies and could be converted to the receiver’s local currency. Aside from these features, Click And Buy also processes more than 43 methods of payment which probably covers almost any type of payment method. Supporting this feature is an efficient customer service that works 24 hours a day and additional services are also available such as invoices and other financial reports.

The company started in UK and has slowly expanded their operations in different countries worldwide. Because of their reputation in UK as the leader in online transaction they have become one of the leading online payment processors worldwide.

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