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900-pay is a very smart alternative for purchases that are made online. Today, the number of people who doesn’t have a single credit grows and some companies find it hard to offer their services and goods since some of their customers don’t have a credit card. 900-pay aims to answer that problem by offering a great alternative for those don’t have a credit card. Instead of paying online, those who are interested with the product or service will just be charged in their phone bill. Since phone bills could be paid in so many terms, online purchase is very easy.

When the visitor sees the 900-pay button in their online store’s check out page, they just click on the button and call the 900 number provided. When they call the number, that’s when the merchant is alerted that the payment was made and they can proceed with the transaction. Even those that have a credit card could use this if they don’t want to use their credit card numbers for fear of exposing their personal information. This process is owned and patented by Navaho Service – one of the country’s leading innovator of financial transaction systems.

900 Pay website: www.navpay.com