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Online skill game site Mahjong Time using proprietary, software platform.


There aren’t really all that many Mahjong web sites on the Internet, which means that mahjong players are a bit starved for options. One of the very few web sites that are solely dedicated to mahjong, Mahjong Time has been around since 2005. The site’s biggest attractions are its free games, all of which give players a chance to play their favorite game.

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Online since2005
Software» proprietary,

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Player SupportsChat, Email and By Post.

Mahjong Time Review:

Games and software

Mahjong Time goes the extra step in providing a truly authentic mahjong experience by way of the software that has a captivating Chinese theme. With exotic oriental imagery and even Chinese background music, Mahjong Time comes remarkably close to capturing the feel and atmosphere of a real live mahjong game. The graphics are quite classy and elegant, giving you the sense that this is truly a polished gaming web site.

Performance-wise, Mahjong Time is no less satisfying. Fast, stable, and efficient, the Mahjong Time software exhibits very little of the hiccups and stutters that characterize so many gaming web sites. This stability is particularly apparent in the tournament games, where you can go up against any number of players without a hitch.

Mahjong Time offers no less than five different types of mahjong games including Chinese Official mahjong, Hong Kong style mahjong, American style mahjong, Japanese modern mahjong, and European classical style mahjong. These variants are all available in different languages, and aside from offering practice games for free, also feature tournaments that allow you to play for some truly impressive cash prizes.

Mahjong Time conveniently offers its software in a quick download format, with the installation of the Adobe Shockwave player being the only other requirement. In fact, this software is downloaded automatically as soon as you register.

Other Gambling Games

No other types of gambling games are offered at Mahjong Time.


The bonuses offered at Mahjong Time tend to vary over time, so you will want to check out the web site for more updated information. From our research however, it appears that the bonuses are about the same as you would expect from similar web sites.

VIP - Loyalty Clubs

Mahjong Time currently does not offer any VIP club memberships.

Customer Support and safety

Mahjong Time offers 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer support via a live help feature and by email. There are also numerous help files online.

    Comments on Mahjong Time

    Joao Coutinho says:
    Posted: November 4, 2010

    Let s make a personal campaign to get the site MAHJONGTIME the net, as I and many others have suffered some kind of theft or deception by them. There are some fake players (EASTWIN, MISSLOVELY, BLOEG, PLATINUMDRAGON, SUPERMAHJONG, ect ....) they place or to steal other players in good faith. What bothers me are not thieves and tyrants, what bothers me is the silence of the innocent.

    Silvio Serafim says:
    Posted: October 21, 2010

    ATTENTION - Anyone who wants to be stolen from the site of MAHJONGTIME and play. Well apart from robbing you, MAHJONGTIME has a number of players as EASTWIN, MISSLOVELY, BLOEG, and others who form a gang to rob the players who want to bet at the beginning until you gain more then they (the gang) and goes into action you steal every last dime.

    Maria Jos says:
    Posted: October 19, 2010

    On 06.09.2010 put $ 50 in my account MAHJONGTIME, on 08/09/2010 traveled and spent 20 days without playing, when he was on 28/09/2010 joined the site to play and to my surprise not had no money in my account, I contacted support and they were to give back, but today on 19/10/2010 received no reply, tinhya heard from others that this site was used to steal their customers, start to believe that this MAHJONGTIME is administered by a gang of thieves.

    Emilio Ishigami says:
    Posted: October 12, 2010

    My nickname is DEUSDEPEDRA, I found two crooks they are in mahjongtime EASTWIN MISSLOVELY and they play in communication during the game, the stone that one needs the other plays, so it s easy to win. Because I report this scam I have been banned from mahjongtime. Because administration mahjongtime me banned? Because they are afraid of complaints? Why not let me prove I m right?

    Do not give up fight for my rights to terminate two crooks in cahoots with the administration of MAHJONGTIME. I challenge the administration to prove that mahjongtime Eustis telling the truth if they say that the site is proof mahjongtime cheat I prove otherwise. I have gone to the Justice if necessary to prove that I am telling the truth.

    Emilio says:
    Posted: October 11, 2010

    If you want to be deceived MahjongTime between the quote and play online with a bunch of dishonest, starting from administrators who are sons of bitc..s, players, for example Eastwin, Misslovely, PlatinumDragon, SuperMahjong, Bloeg, etc., form a group that match will play the stones, they are all dishonest. Poor those who want an honest and pleasurable pastime, but they do not find themselves excluded the site administrators who try to advise them of dishonesty. People who try to criticize the dishonest players when they try to warn others to avoid them in the table are at risk of exclusion. On top are left with some money for online gambling, staff not enter this site, but this should be banned from the internet. Bunch of thieves motherfu..ers. On top of me or return the deposit money I made. If you want to be robbed, cheated to enter the site MAHJONGTIME, administrators and players all thieves. I want my money back.

    professionalplayer says:
    Posted: July 20, 2009

    I have been playing at this site from the beginning. Sure it can be fun sometimes! But I am very disappointed on the lack of transpancy, professionality and above all integrity. I know cheating players are omnipresent, but it is a website's duty preventing it to the utmost! The East European Management of Mahjongtime have failed totally creating a safe and reliable playing environment. (Worst: Mahjongtime-management are even participating in the games!)