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Comments on Backgammon Masters

L.J. says:
Posted: March 3, 2012
Cha Cha, I play on Play65 often. The dice are predictable and one sided. They do this so that a beginner can win. If not I believe they would get frustrated and quit playing. On P65 you almost always get the exact number you need to get off the bar and it s usually doubles, thus getting off the bar and hitting your opponent. Never move a pip alone that s a guarantee hit. And plenty of doubles for one person and ones for the other at the end. L.J.
Cha Cha says:
Posted: February 14, 2012

Anyone here play at Play65? Their dice are just as predictable and one-sided although they claim to have a random dice certificate from a Japanese firm.

kitty34229 says:
Posted: November 21, 2011

I feel for all of you that have paid to play on Backgammon Masters. I had thought about it but after playing free play it is very obvious how poorly the game is programmed. They are a scam site and own most of all other Backgammon sites. It is so ridiculous and unrealistic that you cant enjoy a game. Why bother even trying to play, along with all the most rude people on one site, which ruins it also. I wish i could find another site to complain.

Maggie says:
Posted: September 26, 2011

I ve played on several backgammon sites (never for money) and have found they ALL have rigged dice, to the point where I could actually predict what rolls were coming up with amazing accuracy...that alone should tell you something. All you people who are posting here that you lost money on this and other sites, my advice is Just Don t Play for Money .

Larry says:
Posted: May 31, 2011

After reading all this I can understand what a rip off place this site is. Let me tell you people if you ever complain or cause trouble with these guys they can and will manipulate the game play so you will never win again I hate this site they are crooks with a liscense to steal

PlayHunter says:
Posted: December 22, 2010

I have contacted Gambling Commission Online but they will not help too much regarding BackgammonMasters because they will only advice you to contact Cyprus Embassy from your country. And there you will get either no response, or a non useful response.

What you can do ? CONTACT CASINOMEISTER and Max from there will put all of his efforts to promptly help anyone of you to get your money back or at least to solve your problems. And all of this is for free ! Max from Casinomeister has also helped me too in solving my issue with BackgammonMasters , thank you again Max ! DO NO HESITATE TO IMMEDIATELY CONTACT CASINOMEISTER REGARDING ANY MONEY PROBLEMS WITH BGM or any other casino poker room ! I hope this help !

john james says:
Posted: July 11, 2010

Try contacting the Gambling Commision online. I was ripped off by BM too.

robert mckenzie says:
Posted: May 12, 2010

after playing backgammon over a period of time i lost about 2000 dollars and during that time i received some bonuses which i also lost. my last deposit was 50 dollars. i won 108 dollars and when i tried to withdraw it they refused to pay me saying i did not play enough games. this is a con.

Al Reason says:
Posted: March 8, 2010

The same as above, I deposited 600, won some money was told to gamble or make bets adding up to $20000 before I could withdraw.? I tried to do this, ended up with $2300 and they have blocked my log in.? these guys are the worst kind of shits imaginable = AVOID AT ALL COSTS - they don't even give you your deposit back which is actually YOUR MONEY - not theirs? - AVOID AVOID AVOID

PlayHunter says:
Posted: February 17, 2010

About BackgammonMasters, i can see i should be pretty happy as i deposited low amounts and managed to cash out several times (around 3000$ as overall) and i could ``enjoy`` playing on my account more than two years (begining of 2006 untill October 2008). Yet, i had big problems with them: firstly they locked my account for about two months for ``security review`` at my second withrawal which was in the amount of 900$ (9xbigger than the first one), firstly they acused me that i chargedback my creditcard !! Finally after their two months of ``security review`` found me clean and paid me. I kept playing there as they paid me after all, and when it was time to cash out an important amount again (1300$) they accused me that i cheated at poker and locked my account for second time about another month or so !! - I played poker when they lauched it for a while and won alot because they did not forced anyone to pay the blinds in order to play at the table (their fault). Finally they found me honest and reopened my account, and paid me. Around October 2008 i`ve come 2nd place in a 3000$ backgammon tournament and won 500$. In a matter of few days i made my withdrawal request of 600$ and after about one week they blocked permanently my account not paying me a cent anymore not even untill today. This time the reason was: ``multiple accounts``, which obviously i had not, as i started to play with my account under username PlayHunter from the first day i saw their site and untill the last day when they blocked my account in October 2008.?
Rob (a good bg player and friend from england warned me about this site, also few other friends of mine), but i kept playing if good or bad they paid me (untill the last time). Even one of their big winners Phil (and great US bg players) felt headaches and had problems with BackgammonMasters when they should paid him.. (before me). After me, in the last months another good bg player Madiq got his account blocked on their site on same stupid reasons obviously.
In my opinion BackgammonMasters will pay you if you are a new player and you respect all their goofy terms & conditions with RMA and RMBA.. and stuff but only small withdrawals (under 200$ to not meet problems), and only for a limited time.. do not think you can get something big from them or something wich will be endless, no because sooner or later your account and money from it will be locked on a stupid and untrue reason when you will want to cash out again. I guess what is their REAL REASON: THEY SIMPLY JUST DON`T LIKE WINNERS !

Juliane Lazarus says:
Posted: December 15, 2009

Hi Kevin and helpful friends,
Thankyou for the warnings. Are there any reputable backgammon sites which pay out winners?

player211 says:
Posted: November 4, 2009

i have a similar problem....i deposited with no problem ,played,won and my cashout still did't come every day they want something new.I already sent them a photo id.I used moneybookers and they ask me about my credtit card......this site i think is a huge scam....if anyone really did manage to cashout please tell me how u did it

Kevin Jessup says:
Posted: October 24, 2009

I have also had similar recent bad experience with Backgammon Masters.? I have succeeded in withdrawing cash, but only after many delays.? In recent days I appear to have been blocked from playing on the site as I cannot log onto it.? When I made my first request to withdraw cash I was advised I could not because I had not completed the requirements for gaining a bonus at some time in the past.? I was advised that at one point when making a $200 deposit and receiving a $200 bonue, that I had to turnover $10,000 in game play in order for the withdrawal to be activated.? After I actually did this it took more than a month and constant haranguing to finally receive the cash as a credit to my credit card.

Ewan Coughlan says:
Posted: September 28, 2009

ive got $3000 winnings that i wont be getting because they dont reply to emails the online help wont run and they dont explain what the internal error is?? if there is no one to phone either unnily enough you can deposit loads but you wont see it again? absolutely criminal a disgrace? avoid avoid avoid

Evgen says:
Posted: June 1, 2009

in backgammonmasters i wait? my cashout in my account moneybookers 10 days! Support not answer.. Who help me? please..

Rob from the online Blackjack Guide says:
Posted: May 15, 2009

These guts owe $1000s to players over many months, if you win, you dont get paid, its as simple as that. Ythis is a thread running about them, at just one forum, also complaints at Casinomeister.? Avoid at all costs